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077 Car Batteries

We stock the following 077 size car batteries from different manufacturers.

The standard flooded 077 car batteries are for older vehicles without start stop, EFB car batteries are commonly fitted to vehicles with Stop-Start, or as an upgrade to a standard flooded car battery. AGM batteries are commonly fitted to vehicles with Stop-Start vehicles or where batteries are fitted inside the vehicle (eg: under a seat, in a footwell, in the boot), always check your existing battery specifications against the specifications on any listed battery for suitability before purchase or fitment.

Please note : DO NOT fit lower spec batteries, Standard Batteries can be upgraded to EFB alternatives, Always replace EFB with EFB, Always replace AGM with AGM. fitting a lower specification battery or different battery type to what was fitted by the manufacturer can lead to battery performance issues, charging issues, lessen the lifetime of the battery and will invalidate any warranty offered.

Industry standard case sizing (+/-5mm) : 207mm Long, 175mm Wide, 190mm High

Voltage 12v   Capacity 35-45Ah

Battery types available : Standard

Bosch S3 003 Car Battery 12v 45Ah 400A (077, 545 413 040)
Varta B20 Black Car Battery 12v 45Ah 400A (545 413 040, 545413040, 077)
Yuasa 12v 45Ah 380A Car Battery YBX3077 (54464)
Price: £58.99