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10SCH1-5LA9-OB 12v 1.5Ah Ni-Cd Battery Pack (B177/1015)

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10SCH1-5LA9-OB 12v 1.5Ah Ni-Cd Battery Pack (B177/1015)


5 cell sub C Stick linked by short wire to another 5 cell sub stick, flying leads with AMP connector

Battery Pack Voltage: 12.0v
Battery Pack Capacity: 1500mAh
Diameter: 23 mm (+/-2mm)
Length: 215mm + 215mm (+/-5mm)

Pack Type: Standard Emergency Lighting Pack.

Cross referenced with other manufacturers part numbers:

Other : B177/1015

If you require end caps or connection leads for this battery pack they can be purchased separately

10SCH1-5LA9-OB 12.0v 1500mAh Emergency Lighting Battery

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