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Banner 56512 Running Bull EFB Car Battery 12v 65Ah 650A (100EFB)

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Banner 56512 Running Bull EFB Car Battery 12v 65Ah 650A (100EFB) Buy Online from The Battery Shop

Banner 56512 Running Bull EFB Car Battery 12v 65Ah 650A (100EFB)

Banner 56512 Running Bull EFB Car Battery

Brand: Banner
Range: Running Bull EFB
Part Number: 56512
Alternative Reference: 100EFB
Voltage : 12v
Ampere-Hour Capacity at 20hr rate Ah: 65Ah
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) SAE/EN1: 650A
Dimensions LxWxH: 278 mm x 175 mm x 175 mm
Terminal Layout: Negative (-) on left,
Positive (+) on right ; with the terminals on the edge of the battery closest to you
Terminal: DIN post

Can be used to replace or as an alternative to :
Banner 56512
Bosch S4 E07
Exide EL652
Lucas 100EFB
Numax 100EFB
Oldham AFB100A
Platinum AFB100E
Varta 565 500 065
Varta Short code D54
Yuasa YBX7100

Can be used as an upgrade or alternative to :
Banner P7209, P7742, 57044, RP70
Bosch  S3 007, S4 007, S5 007
Duracell DA72
Exide EB712, 096SE
Exide  EA722, 096TE
Lucas LS100, LP100
Numax 100CXT,
Oldham 100A
Platinum  100E
Varta 574 402 075, 572 409 068
Varta Short code E38, E43
Yuasa YBX3100, YBX5100
GS Yuasa SMF100

About Banner Running Bull EFB batteries.


EFB technology is used primarily for start/stop systems with a high energy requirement.
The Running Bull EFB battery is first and foremost the perfect answer for everything from small to upper mid-range cars.  

Banner is enlarging its Running Bull EFB battery programme to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Especially for European cars.
The two top seller types, which are primarily for Ford models with start/stop function (ECOnetic):

EFB 565 12 (T6/LB3 box 65 Ah/650 A EN)
EFB 575 12 (T7/LB4 box 75 Ah/730 A EN)

are combined with a third, which is suitable for numerous start/stop models from a selection of European car makers:

EFB 580 11 (H7/L4 box 80 Ah/780 A EN)

Especially for Asian cars.
Banner introduced the Running Bull EFB Asia battery range into its programme in 2014. We were thus among the first European battery producers to meet the specifications required by Asian vehicle manufacturers, which first fit this type of battery in their start/stop models.   

Banner has retained this pioneering status and now three new fast selling batteries are to be added to the familiar EFB 565 00 (new 565 15), EFB 565 01 (new 565 16) and EFB 595 00 (new 595 15) types, which are already available. These all possess EFB technology with a glass non-woven cover on the separator and a friction welded lid with central degassing and integrated backfire protection.

The three new Asia EFB types consist of the:

EFB 538 15 (35NS/B19 box 38 Ah/400 A EN)    
EFB 555 15 (45NS/B24 box 55 Ah/460 A EN)    
EFB 570 15 (D26 box 70 Ah/680 A EN)     


  • Range of 11 types with capacities from 38-95 Ah
  • Glass fleece cover on the separator and special active mass composition
  • The key to the durability of the battery is provided by twice the cyclical life of conventional starter batteries and its robust design: E3/M2 classification pursuant to EN 50342-1
  • Top V3 vibration resistance rating pursuant to EN 50342-1
  • Carbon loaded: The carbon additives lead to a marked reduction of the charging time!
  • Double Top for maximum protection against leaks and operational safety
  • Zero maintenance due to modern calcium/calcium mesh technology

IMPORTANT : Always replace EFB car batteries with EFB car batteries.

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