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Banner 59201 Running Bull AGM Car Battery 12v 92Ah 850A (019AGM)

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Banner 59201 Running Bull AGM Car Battery 12v 92Ah 850A (019AGM) Buy Online from The Battery Shop

Banner 59201 Running Bull AGM Car Battery 12v 92Ah 850A (019AGM)

Banner 59201 Running Bull AGM Car Battery

Brand: Banner
Range: Running Bull AGM
Part Number: 59201
Alternative Reference: 019AGM
Voltage : 12v
Ampere-Hour Capacity at 20hr rate Ah: 92Ah
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) SAE/EN1: 850A
Dimensions LxWxH: 353 mm x 175 mm x 190 mm
Terminal Layout: Negative (-) on left,
Positive (+) on right ; with the terminals on the edge of the battery closest to you
Terminal: DIN post

Can be used to replace or as an alternative to :
Banner 59201
Bosch S5 A13
Exide  EK950
Lucas LF019
Numax 019AGM
Oldham AGM019A
Platinum AGM019E
Varta 595 901 085
Varta Short code G14
Yuasa YBX9019

About Banner Running Bull AGM batteries.


Over 70 per cent of all new vehicles will be fitted with an engine start/stop function, in order to achieve the CO2 limitation targets set by the EU by means of sustained fuel consumption savings and emission reductions. In general, two differing starter battery types are employed in these environment-friendly vehicles, consisting of the absorbent glass mat (AGM) and the enhanced flooded battery (EFB) systems. The use of the appropriate technology depends largely on the fuel and CO2 savings that can be attained.

By and large, AGM technology is employed for start/stop systems with maximum energy requirements and braking energy recuperation.
Within this context, in particular the Running Bull AGM constitutes the optimum solution for mid-range to premium and luxury class vehicles.


-    Valve-regulated AGM battery (VRLA)
-   Range of five types with capacities from 60-105 Ah
-    Three times greater cycle resistance than conventional starter batteries: highest E4/M3 classification        pursuant to EN 50342-1
-    Leak-proof owing to electrolyte bonding into an absorbent glass mat
-    Zero maintenance owing to recombination technology
-    Highest V3 vibration resistance pursuant to EN 50342-1
-    Maximum starting performance due to very low internal resistance
-    Installation in a lateral position possible (max. 90° angle)
-    Flexible use as a starter and on-board power supply battery.

IMPORTANT : Always replace AGM car batteries with AGM car batteries.

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