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Banner Buffalo Bull EFB 74017 Commercial Battery 12v 240Ah 1200A (625EFB, 625 EFB)

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Banner Buffalo Bull EFB 74017 Commercial Battery 12v 240Ah 1200A (625EFB, 625 EFB) Buy online from The Battery Shop

Banner Buffalo Bull EFB 74017 Commercial Battery 12v 240Ah 1200A (625EFB, 625 EFB)

Banner Buffalo Bull EFB 74017 Commercial Battery 12v 240Ah 1200A (625EFB, 625 EFB)

Brand: Banner
Range: Buffalo Bull EFB
Part Number: 74017
Alternative Reference: 625 EFB
Voltage : 12v
Ampere-Hour Capacity at 20hr rate Ah: 240Ah
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) SAE/EN1: 1200A
Length : 517mm
Width : 273mm
Height: 212mm
Height over terminals : 240mm
Terminal Layout:
Terminal: DIN post

Cross references or higher specification alternative to :
Banner 72511, SHD72511, SHDPRO72511, EFB74017
Bosch T5080, TE088, T4080, T3081, T3080
Exide  625SE, 625TE, 625SX
Lucas 625
Numax 625
Oldham 625
Platinum 625X
Varta 725 103 115, 720 101 100, 700 038 150, 720 018 115, 740 500 120
Varta Short code N9, N10, N5, N2, C40
Yuasa 625HD, 625SHD, YBX5625, YBX3625, YBX1625, YBX1632, 725GM 

About Banner Buffalo Bull EFB Batteries


The electrical system batteries in the commercial vehicle segment must fulfill a growing number of special requirements:

• The comfort function in long-distance trucks (drivers stay overnight in their trucks and use numerous electrical consumers).
• Extreme vibration resistance in the case of the battery integration at the rear of the truck.

To meet these needs, Banner has launched the new Buffalo Bull EFB onto the market. This is because today’s long-distance trucks are not merely a means of transporting goods from A to B. They are also the truckers’ workplace (keyword office) and frequently their mobile home (keywords kitchen, living and sleeping accommodations) for up to five days a week.  

Please take very careful note of these tips during battery exchanges!
Warning! Under no circumstances install a conventional wet battery in a vehicle, which in serial production has been fitted with an EFB battery. Should an exchange be necessary, only use an EFB battery with an identical box and in the same performance class.

Banner tip! A conventional starter battery can be upgraded to a more powerful and cycle-resistant Buffalo Bull EFB.


    Offer of two standard battery sizes (boxes B and C) with 190 Ah or 240 Ah
    Increased cyclical resistance owing to the active mass recipe and non-woven covers
    Robust design and top vibration resistance due to special set bonding
    Improved mesh corrosion resistance due to the use of the continuous production process
    Calcium technology for minimal water consumption
    Designed for highest energy demand due to increasing comfort functions in long-distance trucks
    Maintenance-free (no topping up with water) under normal operating conditions
    Central degassing with integrated flame arrestor
    Add-ons for heightened product safety: short circuit protection, ESD plugs*
    Dimensions in accordance with EN 50342-4:2009

• ESD = electrostatic discharges are disruptive voltage breakdowns caused by major potential differences. These discharges (sometimes visible due to sparks) cause brief, high electrical current and can lead to the ignition of flammable materials. It is precisely this that the ESD plugs prevent with absolute safety. 

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