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Banner Bull 63513 Commercial Vehicle Battery 12v 135Ah 760A (656)

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Banner Bull 63513 Commercial Vehicle Battery 12v 135Ah 760A (656)

Banner Bull 63513 Commercial Vehicle Battery 12v 135Ah 760A (656)

Banner Bull 63513 Commercial Vehicle Battery 12v 135Ah 760A (656)

Brand: Banner
Range: Buffalo Bull
Part Number: 63513
Alternative Reference: 656
Voltage : 12v
Ampere-Hour Capacity at 20hr rate Ah: 135Ah
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) SAE/EN1: 760A
Length : 345mm
Width : 172mm
Height: 260mm
Height over terminals : 283mm
Terminal Layout:
Terminal: DIN post

Cross references and higher specification alternatives available :
Banner 63513
Bosch T3041
Exide EG1251, 656SE
Lucas 656
Numax 656
Oldham 656
Platinum 656
Varta 625 014 072
Varta Short code J2
656HD, YBX1656

About Banner Buffalo Bull Batteries

If they opt for the Buffalo Bull, those looking for a suitable and reliable starter battery for their commercial vehicles will have made just the right decision. This is because the Buffalo Bull is a brand battery with proven Banner quality.

NEW. Special machines and vehicles (e.g. municipal vehicles such as sweepers or high-pressure rinsing vehicles, construction machinery and snow groomers) require ever-higher cold start current.
This is due to the high lag loads (e.g. in hydraulic units), which have to be dealt with during starting. The Buffalo Bull high current battery has been specifically developed to meet these requirements.


    Niche and supplementary types for agricultural machinery and unusual commercial vehicles
    Simple maintenance due to the externally visible electrolyte level markings and practical screws
    Robust design with set bonding
    Bag separators for backfire protection and high starting current levels

    Buffalo Bull high current product/customer advantages in brief:
    - Offer of two standard battery sizes (boxes A and B) with 1150 A Ah or 1400 A cold
      start current
    - High vibration-resistance
    - Calcium technology for minimal water consumption
    - Maintenance-free under normal operating conditions
    - Central degassing with integrated flame arrestor
    - Add-ons for heightened product safety: short circuit protection, ESD plugs*
    - Dimensions in accordance with EN 50342-4:2009
* ESD = electrostatic discharges are disruptive voltage breakdowns caused by major potential differences. These discharges (possibly visible due to sparks) cause brief, high electrical current and can lead to the ignition of flammable materials. It is precisely this that the ESD plugs prevent with absolute safety. 

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