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Bosch L5 Deep Cycle Batteries

L5 Deep Cycle: technology with high power density
Deep Cycle technology from Bosch meets high demands for a high-performance supply battery. Deep Cycle batteries ensure high levels of comfort away from the mains power supply. Thanks to high deep-cycle resistance and power density, a large number of electrical consumer units can be operated. The high charge acceptance and minimum self-discharge make the L5 Deep Cycle battery ideal for mobile deployment.

The advantages of Deep Cycle technology
- Longer service life and up to twice the deep-cycle
resistance in comparison with conventional wet batteries
- Particularly good charge acceptance
- With additional polyester scrim between plate and
- Secured against leaks and tilting up to 55°
- Absolutely maintenance-free
Bosch L5 005 Deep Cycle Battery 12v 60Ah 560A (027 CASE, 930 060 056)
Price: £89.99
Bosch L5 008 Deep Cycle Battery 12v 75Ah 650A (096 CASE, 930 075 065)
Price: £109.99
Bosch L5 013 Deep Cycle Battery 12v 90Ah 800A (019 CASE, 930 090 080)
Price: £119.99
Bosch L5 075 Deep Cycle Battery 12v 140Ah 800A (627 CASE, 930 140 080)
Price: £199.99
Bosch L5 077 Deep Cycle Battery 12v 180Ah 1000A (629 CASE, 930 180 100)
Price: £239.99
Bosch L5 080 Deep Cycle Battery 12v 230Ah 1150A (625 CASE, 930 230 115)