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Bosch S4 026 Car Battery 12v 70Ah 540A (068, 030, 570 412 063)

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Bosch S4 026 Car Battery 12v 70Ah 540A (068, 030, 570 412 063) Buy Online from The Battery Shop

Bosch S4 026 Car Battery 12v 70Ah 540A (068, 030, 570 412 063)

Bosch S4 026 Car Battery 12v 70Ah 540A (068, 030, 570 412 063)

Brand: Bosch
Range: S4
Part Number: S4 026
Alternative Reference:
068, 030, 570 412 063
Voltage : 12v
Ampere-Hour Capacity at 20hr rate Ah: 70Ah
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) SAE/EN1: 630A
Length : 261mm
Width : 175mm
Height: 220mm

Terminal Layout: Negative (-) on left,  Positive (+) on right ; with the terminals on the edge of the battery closest to you
Terminal: DIN post

Can be used as an upgrade or alternative to :
Banner P7029, 068, 030
Bosch  S4 026
Duracell DA70L
Exide EA754, 030TE
Lucas LP068
Numax  068
Oldham 068
Platinum 068
Varta 570 412 063, 068 073
Varta Short code E23
Yuasa YBX3030, YBX3068, YBX5030
GS Yuasa --

Note : Some of these batteries may / may not have base hold clamps, check current fitment for suitability.

About Bosch Car batteries

PowerFrame® technology in Bosch S5/S4/S3 batteries

The grid is of crucial importance for a battery's performance and reliability. The patented PowerFrame® offers considerable advantages over conventional grids, and is responsible for an optimum flow of electricity.

Bosch S5/S4/S3 batteries therefore impress with their outstanding starting power and longer service life.
More power right from the start: Advantages of PowerFrame® technology
Rigid grid frame
Prevents grid growth and corrosion at the edges and so damage to the separator, or short circuits caused by the grid making contact with the negative plate.
Stamped grid
The rigid, precise structure ensures excellent adhesion of the active material to the grid and permits low-resistance, rapid charging and discharging of the battery. In contrast to conventional grids, there is no brittleness arising from mechanical deformation during production.
Optimum grid structure
More lead is applied to the areas subject to a higher load: the grid is more hard-wearing and resist
Grid designed for optimum flow
In this innovative design, the grid bars lead directly to the plate link. The low flow resistance ensures optimum conductivity and the fastest possible supply of power to the electrical device.

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