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Custom Assembled Specialist Battery Packs

 Custom Packs

We are able to assemble many custom battery packs using : Alkaline, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh or Sealed lead acid Batteries

We offer a full design and refurbishment service for your battery needs, using specialist manufacturing facilities and tools such as: 

- Parallel Gap Welding Machines : ensure a solid connection between cells 
- Hand Solders : we only use lead free solder to comply with RoHS regulations. 
- rapid cycle guillotine : for cutting of sleeving and tag material
- Automatic wire cut and strip machine
- In house test equipment
- A range of capacity and rundown equipment  

Other Facilities and tools  include: - Flying leads and output connectors - thermal protection - Current Protection - Customized jigs and fixtures to ensure the consistency of all battery assemblies - custom labeling facility.