Yuasa NP Batteries

NP Series Data Sheets
NP0.8-12 Data Sheet
NP1-6 Data Sheet
NP1.2-6 Data Sheet
NP2-12 Data Sheet
NP2.1-12 Data Sheet
NP2.3-12 Data Sheet
NP2.7-12 Data Sheet
NP2.8-6 Data Sheet
NP2.8-12 Data Sheet
NP3.2-12 Data Sheet
NP4-6 Data Sheet
NP4-12 Data Sheet
NP7-6 Data Sheet
NP7-12 Data Sheet
NP7-12L Data Sheet
NP10-6 Data Sheet
NP12-6 Data Sheet
NP12-12 Data Sheet
NP17-12 Data Sheet
NP18-12 Data Sheet
NP24-12 Data Sheet
NP38-12 Data Sheet
NP65-12 Data Sheet
NPH2-12 Data Sheet
NPH3.2-12 Data Sheet
NPH5-12 Data Sheet
NPW45-12 Data Sheet

Yuasa NPC Batteries

NPC Series Data Sheets
NPC17-12 Data Sheet
NPC24-12I Data Sheet
NPC38-12I Data Sheet

Yuasa NPL Batteries

NPL Series Data Sheets
NPL24-12I Data Sheet
NPL38-12I Data Sheet
NPL65-12I Data Sheet
NPL78-12IFR Data Sheet
NPL100-12 Data Sheet
NPL130-6IFR Data Sheet
NPL200-6 Data Sheet

Yuasa RE / REC Batteries

RE Series Data Sheets
RE5-12 Data Sheet
RE7-12 Data Sheet
RE7-12L Data Sheet
RE12-12 Data Sheet
REW45-12 Data Sheet

Yuasa SWL Batteries

SWL Series Data Sheets
SW200-12 Data Sheet
SWL750 Data Sheet
SWL1100 Data Sheet
SWL1800 Data Sheet
SWL1850 Data Sheet
SWL1850-6 Data Sheet
SWL2250 Data Sheet
SWL2300E Data Sheet
SWL2300FR Data Sheet
SWL2500E Data Sheet
SWL2500FR Data Sheet
SWL3300 Data Sheet

Yuasa EN / ENL Batteries   

EN & ENL Series Data Sheets
EN80-6 Data Sheet
EN100-6 Data Sheet
EN160-4 Data Sheet
EN180-6 Data Sheet
EN320-2 Data Sheet
EN480-2 Data Sheet
EN540-2 Data Sheet
ENL100-4 Data Sheet
ENL100-6 Data Sheet
ENL100-12FT Data Sheet
ENL160-4 Data Sheet
ENL160-6 Data Sheet

Yuasa TEV Batteries

TEV Series Data Sheets
TEV12360 Data Sheet
TEV12180 Data Sheet
TEV12260 Data Sheet
TEV12210 Data Sheet

Ni-Cd Batteries  

NiCd Series brochure

Ni-Mh Batteries

NiMh Series brochure

Yuasa Red Book

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Automotive Application and Specification Guides

Introduction to Application Guides

It is a legal requirement that a battery is securely fitted to a vehicle.
The Catalogue shows the recommended type or types for particular vehicles. In some cases, batteries from different ranges are recommended, but in other cases, batteries from only 1 range are recommended.

If only an Elite battery is recommended, you must not sell a customer a battery from the Professional range, as these will not be suitable for the application. The fitment will be correct, but the battery will not have the power to start the car under all conditions, and so the customer will be dissatisfied.
There is no problem in fitting a higher specification battery within the same range to a vehicle. There is a belief in the trade that a more powerful battery can damage the starter motor, or that the alternator will not be able to charge the battery; these are wrong. A more powerful battery will start the vehicle over a wider range of conditions, and will have a longer life as it will not be worked so hard. This clearly benefits the customer.

In some cases, the battery tray on the vehicle will allow a longer, more powerful battery to be fitted. This is not a problem provided that the battery hold-down will secure the battery, and that the battery does not foul the underside of the bonnet causing damage or a short-circuit.
Under new consumer legislation, offering a recommendation for a vehicle that is not listed in this Catalogue will make you legally responsible if a problem should occur.

We recommend that you write on the receipt; ‘Sold as a non-catalogue fitment at the customer’s own risk’. This will not affect the battery warranty with respect to faulty materials or workmanship.
While we make every effort to specify the correct battery for each application, we occasionally have some errors as the result of one of the following circumstances:

•    Vehicles are sometimes made in different factories in different
countries, and these can be sometimes fitted with batteries of different
types and sizes.

•    Vehicles can be ‘grey imports’ into the UK, generally from Japan, and
these often do not have the same batteries as those on similar vehicles
that are normally imported into the UK.

•    Vehicle-manufacturers sometimes change the type of battery during a
production-run, perhaps as the result of a supply-problem with the
specified battery, or perhaps on the occasion of a face-lift.

For this reason, we always recommend that the customer should place the old and new batteries side by side to compare dimensions, polarities, hold-downs and performance-levels.

Yuasa Motorcycle Application manual

Download Yuasa Motorcycle Battery Application & Specification Catalogue

Yuasa Automotive Applicaiton manual

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