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DC Power DCX14-BS Motorcycle Battery 12v 14Ah 170A (YTX14-BS)

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DC Power DCX14-BS Motorcycle Battery 12v 14Ah 170A (YTX14-BS)

DC Power DCX14-BS Motorcycle Battery 12v 14Ah 170A (YTX14-BS)

Brand: DC Power Motorcycle
Voltage : 12 V
Capacity : 14 Ah
Dimensions : 151mm x 88mm x 146mm
Weight (filled) : 4.0kg
Maximum charge rate: 1 Amp
Terminal layout: Left: + Right: - (With the terminals on the edge nearest to you)
Type : AGM battery

Warranty : 6 months against manufacturing faults, this is a budget low spec battery, please note fitting a lower spec battery and it not having the cranking power to start the motorcycle is not a manufacturing fault and not covered under warranty, you need to fit the correct specification battery for your motorcycle. (if you require a longer warranty the Yuasa alternatives come with 12 months, and the Motobatt alternative come with 24 months)

Check suitability before ordering, possible alternative to :


Varta 512-014-010 (512 014 010)
Varta 51214
BMW 61.21-7 705652


Always check specification and suitability before ordering, It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check that the battery / accessory is suitable before ordering.

12v 14Ah AGM Motorcycle Battery