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Deep Cycle Batteries

Yuasa YBX Active Leisure Battery range, NCC Class C / B / A rated batteries.
Yuasa YBX Active Marine Batteries, M26-80, M27-90, M31-100
Bosch Deep Cycle Batteries include L4, L5, L6 Ranges designed for Leisure and Marine, Motor homes, Trailers, Boats, Yachts and other deep cycle applications.
On motor-homes and caravans, safety and comfort depend on the electrical supply to all equipment. As efficient energy storage is crucial to keep the vehicle moving, Exide has developed a complete multifit battery offer, able to cover all the energy needs of both professional installers and private users. By choosing the right multifit battery, the electrical supply will last longer, ensuring enhanced trip duration and comfort.
U.S. Battery’s Flooded Lead Acid batteries are engineered and proven to provide the fastest cycle-up to full rated capacity, and have the highest total energy delivered over the life of the battery.
The Yuasa Pro-Spec range of batteries have been specifically designed for durability and long life in deep discharge use. Unique, state of the art plate barrier prevention and separator systems minimise self discharge and maximise both the out of use storage period and the number of recharge cycles, providing more power and reliability and prolonging the service life of the battery. Features Vibration