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Exide Micro-Hybrid AGM

Exide Micro-Hybrid AGM For premium Micro-hybrid with Stop & Start system + Regenerative braking. Jointly developed with Europe’s major vehicle manufacturers of premium micro-hybrid applications, Exide AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is the most advanced technology able to provide optimal performance in extreme cycling applications, with both high-charge acceptance and partial state-of-charge operations. These factors are absolutely key for micro-hybrid vehicles equipped with Stop & Start and Regenerative Braking systems.
Exide AGM

•Original Equipment Technology & Quality.
•Extreme endurance: 3 times the life cycle durability of a standard battery.
•Maximum safety: Hermetically sealed with VRLA pressure control valves and top gas recombination properties. Optimal safety for passenger compartment installation.

Exide Micro-Hybrid EK920
Price: £163.99
Exide Micro-Hybrid EK700
Price: £119.99
Exide Micro-Hybrid EK800
Price: £136.99
Exide Micro-Hybrid EK920
Price: £150.99
Exide Micro-Hybrid EK700
Price: £147.99
Exide Micro-Hybrid EK700
Price: £105.99