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Exide Premium

Exide Premium
Exice Premium

Exide Premium delivers highly concentrated energy, high capacity, and high starting power - all combined in the same battery. Great advances in manufacturing processes and outstanding materials quality has allowed development of a battery with extended product lifetime and high starting power and reliability in all weather conditions, delivering a greater number of engine starts.

027TE, 12v, 64Ah, 640 CCA, 242mm L x 175mm W x 190mm H
063TE, 12v, 47Ah, 450CCA, 207mm L x 175mm W x 175mm H
067TE, 12v, 77Ah, 760 CCA, 278mm L x 175mm W x 190mm H
075TE, 12v, 60Ah, 600CCA, 242mm L x 175mm W x 175mm H
079TE, 12v, 53Ah, 540CCA, 207mm x 175mm x 190mm
096TE, 12v 72Ah, 720 CCA, 278mm x 175mm x 175mm
110TE, 12v, 85Ah, 800CCA, 315mm L x 175mm W x 175mm H
017TE, 12v, 100Ah, 900CCA, 354mm L x 175mm W x 190mm H