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Industrial Batteries

Yuasa are one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of valve regulated lead-acid batteries with global manufacturing plants and an extensive marketing and distribution network throughout the UK and Europe.

Yuasa has renamed the Yuasa Yucel range of batteries to Yuasa Yuvolt, the specification of the battery has not been changed, this is simply a labelling rebrand of the former retired brand "Yuasa Yucel"

A Range of maintenance-free, rechargeable, sealed lead acid batteries for use in alarm systems, emergency lighting and many other applications.

Hawker / Enersys Cyclon Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, in 2V Single cells, aswell as 4v, 6v, 12v packs
The Yuasa Pro-Spec range of batteries have been specifically designed for durability and long life in deep discharge use. Unique, state of the art plate barrier prevention and separator systems minimise self discharge and maximise both the out of use storage period and the number of recharge cycles, providing more power and reliability and prolonging the service life of the battery. Features Vibration
DC Power VRLA Industrial Batteries
Lucas Industrial Batteries, ranges include VRLA AGM batteries for standby or cyclic use, from small 1.2Ah alarm batteries to 260Ah deep cycle batteries.