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MBT6N6 Motobatt AGM Motorcycle Battery 6v 6Ah (6N61B, 6N63B, 6N63B1, 6N61D, 6N61D2)

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MBT6N6 Motobatt AGM Motorcycle Battery 6v 6Ah (6N61B, 6N63B, 6N63B1, 6N61D, 6N61D2)

Motobatt AGM alternative for the following wet motorcycle battery part numbers : 6N6-1B, 6N6-3B, 6N6-3B-1, 6N6-1D, 6N6-1D-2

- This battery comes with various adaptor leads which can be fitted to suit the different variants of the 6N6-** battery part numbers, see picture for details.

- The battery comes prefilled and charged from the factory so it can be fitted straight away, we however would always recommend giving your new battery a top up charge before fitment or as soon as possible to ensure that you get the best performance and life span from the battery.

MB Item Number : MBT6N6
Voltage : 6v
Capacity (10HR) :6Ah
Weight : 1.05kg
Length: 97mm
Width: 56mm
Height: 111mm

Terminal Locations     2     
Terminal     2, (Wires)
Allen Wrench     NA
Terminal Caps     Terminal Cable Adaptor: MP6NC4, MP6NC5, MP6NC9, MP6NC10, MP6NC12, MP6NC16
Case Color     Yellow
Replaces     6N61B, 6N63B, 6N63B1, 6N61D, 6N61D2

Warranty : 1 Year - can be extended to 2 Years when registered with motobatt within 21 days of purchase


Listed to fit the following motorcycles / mopeds / scooters

    HONDA XL350 (74-78) - 350CC
    HONDA MT250 Elsinore (74-76) - 250CC
    HONDA XL250 (72-76) - 250CC
    HONDA XL175 (73-78) - 175CC
    HONDA CB125S (73-80) - 125CC
    HONDA MT125 Elsinore (74-76) - 125CC
    HONDA SL125 Motosport (71-73) - 125CC
    HONDA CB100 Super Sport (70-72) - 100CC
    HONDA CL100, S Scrambler (70-73) - 100CC
    HONDA SL100 Motosport (70-73) - 100CC
    HONDA XL100 (74-76) - 100CC
    HONDA CA200 Honda 90 (C200 Touring 90) (63-66) - 90CC
    HONDA CM91 Honda 90 (C90M) (66-69) - 90CC
    HONDA S90 Super (CS90) (64-69) - 90CC
    KAWASAKI KE250-B (77-79) - 250CC
    KAWASAKI KL250 (78-84) - 250CC
    KAWASAKI KE175-B (76-78) - 175CC
    KAWASAKI KE125-A (76-83) - 125CC
    KAWASAKI KS125 Series (74-75) - 125CC
    KAWASAKI KE100-A (79-81) - 100CC
    KAWASAKI KE100-B (82-01) - 100CC
    KAWASAKI KM100-A (79-81) - 100CC
    YAMAHA XT500 (76-81) - 500CC
    YAMAHA DT400 Enduro (77-78) - 400CC
    YAMAHA DT250 Enduro (77-79) - 250CC
    YAMAHA XT250 (80-83) - 250CC


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