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Mobility Scooter Batteries

We can supply a range of batteries for Mobility Scooters. If you are unsure about what battery you need contact us

Please note all batteries that we sell are standard industrial batteries, which are not solely designed to operate mobility aids, these batteries are used in many different applications (golf, fire / burglar alarm systems, emergency lighting etc)  therefore they are NOT  sold VAT "FREE".
We do however offer very competitive prices on these items and are normally cheaper than competitors who claim to supply these "VAT FREE"

As explained in the following segment from: "HMRC Reference:Notice 701/7 (August 2002) VAT reliefs for disabled people
4.8 Parts and accessories
You can zero rate parts and accessories which you supply to an eligible customer as defined in paragraph 3.1 provided that they were designed solely for use in or with goods which themselves qualify for VAT relief as described elsewhere in this section.
Parts means integral components without which the equipment is incomplete. Accessories means optional extras which can be used to improve the operation of the equipment, or enable it to be used, or to be used to better effect, in particular circumstances. VAT relief does not apply to general use items such as standard batteries, even if these were purchased to be used within an item which is eligible for VAT relief. If the batteries were solely designed to operate within the eligible item however, they would be eligible for relief."

Size: 166mm L x 175mm W x 125mm H, Terminal Type: Screw down, Weight : 8.8Kg
Price: £63.99
Size: 197mm L x 165mm W x 170mm H, Terminal Type: Screw down, Weight : 14.00Kg
Price: £105.99
Yuasa REC22-12 Cyclic Battery 12v 22Ah
Price: £48.99
REC80-12 Yuasa Cyclic Battery 12v 80Ah
Price: £195.99
Yuasa RECC26-12 Cyclic Battery 12v 26Ah (replaces NPC24-12)
Price: £64.99
Yuasa REC36-12 Cyclic Battery 12v 33Ah
Price: £86.99