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Motorbike Batteries

Motobatt AGM motorcycle batteries can be used as AGM alternatives to older wet batteries, most have higher specifications over the standard equivilents, some also include brackets and spacers for a secure fitment.
Yuasa motorcycle batteries are the world’s leading brand and are fitted to around 90% of motorcycles at manufacture.
Exide Bike batteries are designed for a full range of power sport applications, including motorcycles; scooters; quads (four-wheelers or all-terrain vehicles); personal watercraft and snowmobiles; small tractors and utility/garden vehicles; and riding lawnmowers.
YCX1.5 6/12V 1.5A Yuasa Motorcycle Smart Charger
Price: £34.99
YCX12 12V 12A Yuasa Smart Charger
Price: £97.99
YCX6 12V 6A Yuasa Smart Charger
Price: £66.99
YCXL12 12V 12A Yuasa Smart Charger
Price: £103.99
DC Power DCX9-BS Motorcycle Battery 12v 9Ah 120A (YTX9-BS)
Price: £20.00
DC Power DCZ10S-BS Motorcycle Battery 12v 8Ah 135A (YTZ10, YTZ10-BS)
Price: £19.99