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NP7-6 Yuasa 6v 7Ah Lead Acid Battery (NP7-6S)

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NP7-6 Yuasa 6v 7Ah Lead Acid Battery (NP7-6S)

Brand : Yuasa
Voltage : 6v
Capacity : 7ah
Weight : 1.32kg
Dimensions : 151mm X 34mmX 97.5mm

Yuasa NP7-6, 6v 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid / VALVE REGULATED LEAD ACID Battery

Dimensions : 151mm Long X 34mm Wide X 97.5mm High (Over Terminals).

Terminals : 4.8mm / 0.187" Wide Male Spade Connection

Battery Type: Standby battery

Can be used to replace: Y7-6, NP7-6, NPG7-6, CSB GP672F1 GP672F2 GP670F1 GP670F2, Injusa High Power IJ6-7.2HR, Panasonic LCR6V7.2P LCR067P LCR067R2, LC-R067R2P LC-V069PU1, UP-RW0645P1, DiaMec DM6-7.2
and many others

Design life : 3 - 5 Year design life when used in standby applications.

Commonly used in Alarm Systems, Emergency Lighting,Torches, UPS systems and other electrical systems

Yuasa NP Series with 'S of G' Suffix

This battery may come with the suffix 'S' or 'G' (ie NP1.2-6S, NP1.2-6G) dependent on available stock, this suffix is to signify to Yuasa personnel that the product has been made on a new production line which has been introduced due to the increased demand for the battery. There is no change in quality or performance of the battery.

6v 7Ah VRLA Standby Battery