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Odyssey Batteries

The Odyssey battery ingeniously uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology to offer, in one box, the characteristics of two seperate batteries. It can deep cycle as well as provide enormous cranking power.

Benifits from using Odyssey batteries include:

  • Longer service life
  • Superior cranking and fast charge capability
  • Mounting Flexability
  • Superior Vibration resistance
  • More information and specifications can be found at www.odysseyfactory.com
PC1200MJT Odyssey Battery
Price: £347.99
PC1200T Odyssey Battery
Price: £299.99
PC1220 Odyssey Battery
Price: £411.99
PC1230 Odyssey Battery
Price: £375.99
PC1350 Odyssey Battery
Price: £449.99
PC1500DT Odyssey Battery
Price: £418.99
PC1700MJT Odyssey Battery
Price: £471.99
PC1700T Odyssey Battery
Price: £399.99
PC1750T Odyssey Battery
Price: £434.99
PC1800 Odyssey Battery
Price: £686.99
PC2150MJS Odyssey Battery
Price: £567.99
PC2150S Odyssey Battery
Price: £537.99
PC2250 Odyssey Battery
Price: £675.99
PC310 Odyssey, 12v, 8Ah, 310 PHCA, 100CCA, Dimensions : 138mm Long X 86mm Wide X 101mm High
Price: £189.99
PC535 Odyssey battery, 12v 14.8Ah, 535PHCA, 200CCA, Dimensions : 170mm Long X 99mm Wide X 156mm High
Price: £160.99
PC545 Odyssey battery, 12v 13Ah, 460PHCA, 150CCA, Dimensions : 178mm Long X 86mm Wide X 132mm High
Price: £165.99
PC545MJ Odyssey
Price: £202.99
PC625 Odyssey battery, 12v 18Ah, 530PHCA, 200CCA, Dimensions : 170mm Long X 99mm Wide X 175mm High
Price: £194.99
PC680 Odyssey battery, 12v 16Ah, 520 PHCA, 170 CCA, Dimensions: 181.5mm Long X 76.3mm Wide X 167.8mm High
Price: £157.99
PC680MJ Odyssey
Price: £176.99
PC925 Odyssey battery, 12v 28Ah, 900 PHCA, 330CCA, 168.6mm Long X 179.0mm Wide X 128.0mm High
Price: £232.99
PC925LMJT Odyssey
Price: £268.99
PC925MJT Odyssey
Price: £248.99