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T4 Bosch HD Truck Batteries

Running applications with the engine off is an everyday occurrence when operating commercial vehicles. This is where the power of the Bosch T4 batteries comes into play: They deal with extremely frequent battery discharge and reliably supply power for the radio, TV, air conditioning, electronic brake and suspension systems.

20% longer service life thanks to silver technology: A special silver alloy ensures high corrosion-resistance and durability, in addition to 1.5x faster charging times than required by the European norm (EN)
Completely maintenance-free
20% more starting power: Safe starting even after long standing times
Heavy Duty: 3x greater cycle resistance and 10x greater vibration resistance than conventional starter batteries
Exceptionally fast battery charging and discharging
Safe enough to fit inside the vehicle
High level of safety due to backfire protection and labyrinth cover, which feeds condensed water back into the battery

Bosch T4075 Truck Battery 12v 140Ah 800A (627HD, 640 103 080)
Price: £154.99
Bosch T4076 Truck Battery 12v 140Ah 800A (630HD, 640 400 080)
Price: £154.99
Bosch T4077 Truck Battery 12v 170Ah 1000A (629HD, 670 103 100)
Price: £190.99
Bosch T4078 Truck Battery 12v 170Ah 1000A (620HD, 670 104 100)
Price: £190.99
Bosch T4080 Truck Battery 12v 215Ah 1150A (625HD, 715 400 115)
Price: £235.99