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TBS 10DH4-0F4/LS 12v 4.0Ah Ni-Cd Battery Pack (B178/104)

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TBS 10DH4-0F4/LS 12v 4.0Ah Ni-Cd Battery Pack (B178/104)

10DH4-0F4/LS 12v 4.0Ah Ni-Cd Battery Pack (B178/104)

10 cells inline with 6.3mm wide spade terminal on +, and 4.8mm wide spade terminal on -

Battery Pack Voltage: 12.0v
Battery Pack Capacity: 4000mAh
Diameter: 33 mm (+/-2mm)
Length: 600 mm (+/-5mm)

Pack Type: Standard Emergency Lighting Pack.

Cross referenced with other manufacturers part numbers:

Yuasa : 10DH4-0F4/LS,
Orbik : B178/104

Note regarding sale of Ni-Cd batteries in the UK

All Ni-Cd batteries that we supply are sold for use within the Emergency Lighting market, we do not sell Ni-Cd batteries for markets or uses that fall outside the exemptions of current government legislation.

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About our in house production facilities at The Battery Shop

For over 35 years we have, built and modified batteries, battery packs, wiring looms, battery chargers and other related items in our onsite workshop.

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Customisation of Battery packs

If you require battery packs that are not standard we may be able to modify them to order for you.

Some common modifications we make are:

- Fit different connectors. (We stock hundreds of different connectors).

- Fit different specification cables. (eg. single core, multi-strand, low smoke cable, lengthen / shorten cables).

- Fit different styles of tags (we stock and can spot weld various pushfit / faston style tags / solder tags to most battery packs)

- Fitment of mounting Back Plates / End Caps.

- Shrink sleeved battery packs.

- Alternative specification cells may be available. (eg. Higher specification cells for longer run time or alternatives to discontinued cells).

If you require any of these services you can contact us on 01793 421509 or email us at sales@thebatteryshop.co.uk and we will quote where possible for your requirement.

The Battery Shop 10DH4-0F4/LS-OB 12.0v 4000mAh Emergency Lighting Battery