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TBS 3DH4-0F3/LS 3.6v 4000mAh Battery Pack (B615)

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TBS 3DH4-0F3/LS 3.6v 4000mAh Battery Pack (B615)

3DH4-0F3/LS Emergency Lighting Battery Pack with 4.8mm push fit fastonTags

3 D cell Ni-Cd batteries side by side with 6.3mm wide tag on +, 4.8mm wide tag on -

Battery Part Number: 3DH4-0F3/LS

Battery Cell Size Used: D Cell

Connector Type : 6.3mm tag on +, 4.8mm tag on -

Battery Pack Voltage: 3.6v

Battery  Pack Capacity: 4000mAh

Height:  62mm  (+/-2mm)

Length: 97.5mm  (+/-2mm)

Depth: 32.5mm (+/-2mm)

Pack Type: Standard Emergency Lighting Pack.

Alternative to :
Mackwell B615 - (Our battery packs are shink wrapped so the negetive tag is positioned at a different angle to original, check lighting unit for fitment suitability.)

3.6v 4.0ah Emergency Lighting Battery

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