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TE Bosch EFB Truck Batteries

The Bosch TE battery with EFB has been designed to meet especially high performance demands.
It reliably provides energy for extremely demanding starting conditions while ensuring the reliable supply of a large number of applications – even under extremely tough and straining conditions. The EFB technology (Enhanced Flooded Battery) uses a positive plate coated with a so-called polyester scrim. This provides additional retention of the active material at the plate. The deep-cycle resistance is increased when compared to conventional batteries and the battery remains operational even under high vibrations.

Advantages of the Bosch TE battery with EFB technology:

Very long service life and doubled deep-cycle resistance compared to conventional batteries
Meets deep-cycle resistance standard V3 or better
Very low water consumption due to labyrinth-lid technology
Integrated flame arrestor
Absolutely maintenance-free
Very good charge acceptance
Safe to install inside the vehicle

Bosch TE077 EFB Truck Battery 12v 180Ah 1000A (629EFB, 690 500 105)
Price: £222.99
Bosch TE088 EFB Truck Battery 12v 225Ah 1150A (625EFB, 740 500 120)
Price: £258.99