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Yuasa 12v 100Ah 850A EFB Start Stop Battery YBX7019 (019EFB)

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Yuasa 12v 100Ah 850A EFB Start Stop Battery YBX7019 (019EFB)

Yuasa 12v 100Ah 850A EFB Start Stop Battery YBX7019 (019EFB)

Brand: Yuasa 
Range: YBX 7000 EFB
Part Number: YBX7019
Alternative Reference: 019EFB
Voltage : 12v
Ampere-Hour Capacity at 20hr rate Ah: 100Ah
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) SAE/EN1: 850A

Length : 353mm
Width : 175mm
Height : 190mm  

Case Type     L5 EFB
Voltage     12V
Capacity at 20-hour Rate (Ah)     100
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) EN1     850
Mean Weight with Acid (kg)     24
Terminal     T1
Handles     Yes
Terminal Type     T1
Length (mm)     353
Width (mm)     175
Height (mm)     190
NCC Class     N/A
Feature Range     YBX7000 EFB Start Stop Plus Batteries

Can be used to replace or as an alternative to :
Banner -
Bosch -
Exide -
Lucas -
Numax -
Oldham -
Platinum -
Varta 595 500 085
Varta Short code N95
Yuasa YBX7019
GS Yuasa EFB019

Can be used as an upgrade or alternative to :
Banner P10040, P9533
Bosch  S5013, S5E13, S4013, S3013
Duracell DA 100, DS 95
Exide EB950, 017SE
Exide  EA1000, 017TE
Lucas LP019, LS019
Numax  019
Oldham 019A
Platinum  019E
Varta 590 122 072, 595 402 080, 600 402 083, 595 500 085
Varta Short code F19, G3, H3, N95
Yuasa YBX1019 YBX3019, YBX5019, YBX7019
GS Yuasa SMF019, 019EFB

About the Yuasa YBX7000 Car Battery Range

    Approximately 270,000 starts
-   For lower specification Start/Stop vehicles
-   Sealed tip/tilt double lid - Reduces water loss by up to 30% - VDA roll over test compliant (German Association of the Automotive Industry)
-    High charge acceptance envelope type separators and anti-sulphation technology
-    Carbon/Lithium plate additives
-    Integrated flame arrestor
-    OE Quality, Performance & Specification


Compared to Conventional Automotive Batteries
    +170% improved Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA)
    +100% increased cyclic durability

EFB Explained

Also known as AFB (Advanced Flooded Battery) and ECM (Enhanced-Cycling-Mat)
Yuasa EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery)7000

    Designed to meet the latest OEM vehicle demands
    EFB technology is now factory fitted to numerous entry level Start Stop vehicles
    Increased dynamic charge current acceptance over standard wet-flooded batteries (+170%), due to improved design including special Carbon additives and high charge acceptance envelope type separators
    Increased cyclic durability over standard wet-flooded batteries (+100%)
    Sealed tip/tilt double lid with integrated flame arrestor

Improved flooded battery technology, increasingly referred to as EFB technology in the market, offers a cost effective solution for entry level Start-Stop vehicles. EU emissions targets for these vehicles are lower than those set for higher performance models. This has led to manufacturers developing a battery technology that meets the demands of Start-Stop operation in a higher state of charge than expected from AGM technology, but lower than that expected from standard wet-flooded starter batteries.

To meet the growing demand for OEM specification EFB technology in the European aftermarket, Yuasa has introduced 11 new EFB battery types with the launch of the YBX7000 Start Stop range. This range comprises 5 European (DIN) and 6 Japanese (JIS) battery sizes to maximise coverage of vehicles in the UK parc.

In addition to Start-Stop, Yuasa EFB batteries are well suited to use in demanding applications. In repetitive deep discharge scenarios, such as those common to Police vehicles and Taxis, EFB technology offers improved cyclic durability, when compared to premium wet-flooded batteries.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the differences between standard flooded and EFB batteries?
A. EFB batteries are an enhanced version of standard wet-flooded technology. The primary benefits of EFB technology are improved charge acceptance and greater cyclic durability when operating in a reduced state of charge (typical of Stop Start applications). As an approximation, EFB batteries will provide 85,000 engine starts, compared to 30,000 starts from standard flooded product.

Q. What are the differences between EFB and AGM batteries?
A. EFB batteries have been introduced as a lower tier option to AGM batteries in terms of performance and durability. EFB technology relies on improvements to existing flooded technology through the addition of Carbon additives in the plate manufacturing process. AGM batteries benefit from the inclusion of unique design features not found in wet-flooded batteries. These include glass mat separators, recombinant lid technology and higher pack pressures to facilitate improved cyclic lifespan. AGM batteries are better suited to meeting the demands of higher specification vehicles that include one or more of the following technologies: Start Stop, Regenerative Braking and Passive Boost.

Q. Can I store my EFB battery in my garage over winter or will it freeze?
A. Providing that the battery is kept in a charged state, it can be stored without any fears of freezing.

Q. Can I store my EFB battery on a garage floor?
A. You can let any modern battery sit on concrete without fear of harm or accelerated self-discharge. Concrete is generally an excellent surface on which to store a battery. The key issue is that the floor should not have any sharp objects which ?may damage the battery casing; there are no ?electrochemical reasons.

Q. Do EFB batteries have a memory?
No, this is only a function of Nickel Alkaline Battery systems such as Nickel cadmium.

12v 100 Ah Car Battery

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