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Yuasa EN100-6

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Yuasa EN100-6


Nominal Capacity (Ah)
10hr to 1.85vpc 100
3hr to 1.80vpc 81
1 hr to 1.75vpc 66
Voltage 6
Energy Density (Wh/L) 62
Specific Energy (Wh. kg) 26
Int Resistance (m.ohms) 1.8
Maximum discharge (A) 600

Short Circuit current

Dimensions (mm)
Length 200
Width 208
Height overall (Inc. Lid) 238
Weight (kg) 23
Terminal 8mm Male Stud

Terminal Torque (Nm)

Endurance VRLA Batteries
Suitable for all standby applications including Telecommunications, UPS, Emergency Lighting.

Endurance range Batteries from Yuasa are the engineer’s choice for even the most critical standby  applications, available in 10 year (EN) and 15 year (ENL) models.


• Long Life in standby (10 and 15 year design life options).

• Unique mix and match parallel assembly allows extensive variations to network capacity.

• Electrolyte Suspension. A.G.M. technology assures no free electrolyte to spill or worry about.

• High gas recombination efficiency. Eliminates the need for forced ventilation and separate battery rooms.

• Case Material Oxygen index 30.

Fully compliant with BS6290-4 and IEC896-2.

Data Sheet available on request.

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