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Yuasa NPL38-12i

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Yuasa NPL38-12i


Nominal Capacity (Ah)
20hr to 1.75vpc 20°C 38
10hr to 1.75vpc 20°C 35.3
5hr to 1.70vpc 20°C 32.3
1hr to 1.60vpc 20°C 22.8
Voltage 12
Energy Density (Wh/L) 83
Specific Energy (Wh. kg) 32
Int Resistance (m.ohms) 7.5
Maximum discharge (A) 200
Short Circuit current 500
Dimensions (mm) +/- 2mm
Length 197
Width 165
Height overall 170
Weight 14.2
Terminal B
Torque (Nm) 2.45

NPL Valve Regulated
Lead-acid Batteries (VRLA)
The NPL range is an enhanced NP design resulting in a
longer service life (7 - 10yrs). All other attributes and operational characteristics are the same, thereby maintaining the benefit of a common mechanical and electrical design for users of both products.

• Yuasa VRLA batteries can be used in any orientation excluding continuous use inverted.
• Standard case material is flame retardant to (UL94) HBØ.
• FR option case material is flame retardant to UL94:VØ (oxygen index 30).
• NPL batteries are manufactured in factories that comply with ISO 9001:2000.
• FR option NPLs comply with BS6290 Part 4 (1997).
• NPL batteries comply with IEC 60896-21+22.

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