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Yuasa YBX5625 12v 230Ah 1350A Super Heavy Duty Battery (625HD, 625SHD, 725GM)

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Yuasa YBX5625 12v 230Ah 1350A Super Heavy Duty Battery (625HD, 625SHD, 725GM)

Yuasa YBX5625 12v 230Ah 1350A Super Heavy Duty Battery (625HD, 625SHD, 725GM)

Brand: Yuasa
Range: YBX 5000 Super Heavy Duty Battery
Part Number: YBX5625
Alternative Reference:
625HD, 625SHD
Voltage : 12v
Ampere-Hour Capacity at 20hr rate Ah: 230Ah
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) SAE/EN1: 1350A

Length : 516mm
Width : 274mm
Height : 236mm
(over terminals)

Case Type     DIN C
Voltage     12V
Capacity at 20-hour Rate (Ah)     230
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) EN1     1350
Mean Weight with Acid (kg)     56
Cell Layout     3
Terminal     T1
State of Charge Indicator     Yes
Water Loss     W3
Charge Retention     C2
Vibration     V4
Terminal Type     T1
Length (mm)     516
Width (mm)     274
Height (mm)     236
NCC Class     N/A

Can be used to replace or as an upgrade from :
Banner 72511, SHD72511, SHDPRO72503
Bosch T3080, T3081, T4080, T5080
Exide  625SE, 625TE, 625SX
Lucas 625
Numax 625
Oldham 625
Platinum 625X
Varta 720 101 100, 725 103 115, 700 038 105, 720 018 115, 715 400 115, 725 103 115
Varta Short code N9, N10, N7, N2
Yuasa 625HD, 625SHD, YBX5625, YBX3625, YBX1625, 732GM

About Yuasa YBX 5000 Super Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Batteries

 Designed for high performance vehicles with high power demands
- For regular overnight stays where hotel-loads are applied
- XVR Extreme vibration resistance V4 times 8
- M1 Micro-cycle endurance over 765 cycles (17.5% DOD)
- Suitable for end of chassis location
- Fully maintenance free with sealed double lid
- Enhanced safety features including integrated flame arrestor & end-venting
- Lowest self-discharge rate for extended shelf life

Yuasa YBX Super Heavy Duty batteries feature:

- Original equipment (OE) quality, performance & specification
- Specially designed & constructed for the rigours of commercial, agricultural & plant vehicle applications
- Enhanced safety features including integrated flame arrestor & carrying handles.

About The Newly Launched Yuasa Commercial Vehicle Battery Ranges

Yuasa delivers new YBX Super Heavy Duty battery range for commercial vehicles

GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd have launched their all new Yuasa YBX Super Heavy Duty battery range for commercial vehicles. The four-tiered range is available now and provides one of the most comprehensive and highest specification offers on the market.

Based on the battery manufacturers market leading YBX automotive ranges, Yuasas new Super Heavy Duty range replaces Yuasas Cargo ranges. It features three levels of conventional flooded types, plus Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) options.

Yuasas commercial vehicle batteries are already trusted by leading commercial vehicle manufacturers who demand the best and fit GS Yuasa batteries as standard. The new YBX Super Heavy Duty range has been developed to meet the increasing specifications of these top vehicle brands.

Featuring the very latest technology and a host of advanced safety features, all batteries in the range are of Original Equipment (OE) quality and performance. Their advanced construction and unparalleled innovation make them the most reliable commercial vehicle batteries Yuasa has ever produced.

The batteries are among the first in the UK and Ireland to carry EN50342-1/6 European Standard performance markings which were recently introduced. Every battery in the range has undergone extensive performance testing and having passed stringent requirements, has earned a classification number for Water Loss (W1 W5), Charge Retention (C1 C2), Vibration Level (V1-V4), Endurance (E1 E4) or Micro Cycle performance (M1 M3).

Batteries in the YBX7000 EFB and YBX5000 ranges feature Yuasas XVR Extreme Vibration Resistance. This means that they have a vibration resistance of over eight times V4. V4 is the highest level rating that European standard EN50342 requires. Batteries in these ranges, plus all YBX3000 DIN types, are suitable for rear chassis location fitting.

YBX7000 EFB are the premium choice for high power demands, end of chassis location and are also suitable for vehicles with Start Stop. Built with EFB technology, they feature an electrolyte mixing device to extend battery life and are ideal for frequent overnight stays where hotel loads are applied. Batteries in the range are sealed maintenance free (SMF) with a sealed lid, have XVR and offer an M1 micro-cycle endurance rating.

YBX5000 batteries are designed for high performance vehicles with high power demands and for regular overnight stays with hotel loads.
They have an M1 micro-cycle endurance rating, XVR and are SMF. They are also suitable for end of chassis location.

YBX3000 types are the ideal choice for vehicles with standard power demands and occasional overnight stops. These SMF types have an E2 endurance rating. They also have a superior vibration resistance rating of V3 with DIN types being V4 and suitable for end of chassis location.

YBX1000 types are maintenance free with easy access lid plugs. Designed for vehicles with basic power demands, they have high vibration resistance of V2 and an E2 endurance rating.


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